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1.1 A member is allowed to have only one account.

1.2 A computer is only allowed to use for a single account.

1.3 An email address is only allowed to use for a single account, this also applies to payment account emails. It means each Payeer, Perfectmoney, Bitcoin account is only used for a single account and is not shared to other members.

1.4 Each internet line is only allowed to use for one account, you can refer a member of your family to if you make sure each account uses a separate network connection and a separate computer. Using accounts at public internet locations like cafes, schools, companies can lead to the suspension of your account.

1.5 Using VPN or Proxy to connect is not allowed.

1.6 Violation of terms 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5 will result in permanently suspension of your account.

 Payments to members

2.1 Payments are made Instantly through Bitcoin, PerfectMoney and Payeer.

2.2 You may request payment whenever you want.

 Payments to

3.1's transactions are only made through the payment gateways available on our website, we do not accept any other payment methods.

3.2 If there is a dispute, charge back or reserved transaction made on your payments in any case, it will result in the suspension of your account.

3.3 If we detect a payment has been made illegally (use hacked payment account), your account will be permanently suspended and we will work with the payment service provider to handle such unauthorized transaction.


4.1 do not accept sites that contain violence, adult content (18+), politics, religion, hacking techniques.

4.2 Your website will not be accepted if it breaks the frame and causes the timer to stop working.

4.3 We will refuse to advertise a site if we find that its content is inappropriate to display on our site.


5.1 All hacking behavior on the system will be logged and your account will be permanently suspended.

5.2 Using auto click softwares is not allowed and your account will be permanently suspended.

 Policy for Changes

6.1 We have the right to amend or change certain terms of use listed above at any time, and all changes will be made publicly available to all members through the  forum.

6.2 Participation in our website means that you have read, understood and accepted our terms of use. Any claims for failure to comply with the terms above will not be resolved.

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